Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Studio Space!

I've really enjoyed looking at everyones studio/craft spaces on the Folksy forum, and thought I'd share mine.

I don't have a studio as such, just a corner of my dining room. I love my art desk though, it tilts to different angles or lies flat, and has a built in light box and storage on the tressle shelves :) I would try and rescue it if my house was on fire!

It would make me the happiest girl in the world to have my own studio space, but it's a luxury I can ill afford. It'd be awesome to have a room where I could just go in and throw paint around, instead of panicking every time I get paint on the dining room carpet! Somewhere not in my house, for me to escape to, my own little private art world!

I cling to the hope that this will happen someday :)

However, I did have a slightly crazy dream on Monday night that I bought a really crappy old touring caravan and gutted it, ripped everything out of it, and painted it up all crazy colours inside and out- and made it into a studio!

I am totally digging this idea, but do not have anywhere to put a caravan!


  1. great idea on the caravan Victoria, hope your dream comes true someday!!
    ...cant get over how tidy your workspace is, im in the stages of organizing my stash mountain


  2. Me too! :)
    Ha, it sure ain't always that tidy!