Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New style abstract paintings

"Bad Romance" 10 x 8 inches on deep edge canvas 2010

"Inferno" 12 x 12 inches on deep edge canvas 2010

After watching "Basquiat" the film about the life of my favourite ever artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, I was inspired to sit down in front of a canvas and a whole heap of acrylic, emulsion & spray paint and freestyle!

I had a blast creating these works (along with "Superhighway" which I blooged about earlier)and really love using the palette knife instead of a brush- how hadn't I discovered it before?!

Let me know what you think! Both pieces are available for sale in my Folksy shop- click on the "find me on Folksy" tab to be taken straight to my shop.

Gee...How Quaint

Here I am on my modelling debut! It's for my friend Cassandra's website and I love this Tea Shirt (geddit? I think it's uber-smart!)

I wonder when the agencies are gonna come a-calling?! ;)

I also love Cassandra's knicker bags- so handy for holidays and a lot smarter than a see through plastic carrier bag! Added bonus- just stick it in with your smalls when you get back- the gocco printed fabric has been heat set and is fully washable! Also makes a great gift!

"Superhighway" 2010

Here's a photo of my latest work- just as it's finished :)

I'm very pleased with it. I was commissioned by my cousin to do a painting for her- and I hope she likes it.

If not, then I'll be more than happy to find "Superhighway" a place on my walls!

It's been created with a mixture of acrylic and emulsion paints on a large 40 x 32 inch stretched canvas.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Folksy Friday- latecomers!

Featuring 2 more fellow members of Newcastle Craft Mafia:

1) Leeanne Lowe/Heirloom style Cotton Cushion with contrasting white stitching

2) Brigid/Mens handknit grey tweed earflap hat

Saturday, 27 March 2010


I've been a busy bee this afternoon!

I've created a Facebook Fan Page- please join and make it look like some people out there like my work! ;)


I now have a new Flickr gallery:

This is where I'm going to showcase my "A Drawing A Day" for April 2010.

And on that note, and further to the last post, I have decided on a theme!
The idea is to create a comic book style-esque series based on a song.

What song, I hear you ask?
Well, I'm not going to tell you until April!
But it's cheese.
90's cheese.

How did I choose the song? I didn't. The song chose me.
Just after my previous post it came on my itunes shuffle. I do like a good itunes shuffle. Especially when it throws up such classics as Milli Vanilli, Scatman John and Rick Astley.

Scared yet?!

A Drawing A Day!

(hopefully won't keep the Doctor away ;) mwhahahaha!)

A seller on Folksy has decided that she is goin to list an item a day during April and wanted others to join her. I simply don't have enough stock to participate but think it's a great idea.

It reminds me of a guy I know who's taking 1 photograph a day during 2010 as a kinda photobook of his year.

So, in support, I am going to challenge myself to do "A Drawing A Day" during April. On rest days this will be fine. On early days, after a 10 hour shift I'm guessing I'm not gonna be so smart! I have no idea where this artistic experiment will take me! I have no pre-conceived ideas or notions about any subject or theme... I'm simply going to produce a drawing a day on a whim!

I'm going to make a photo dairy about it on Flickr- I'll keep you posted!

Fancy joining in?

Friday, 26 March 2010

Things making me irrate today...

number 1) Royal-bloody-Mail!
Grr. I purchased 2 things off Folksy recently. Neither has arrived. On Tuesday, whilst I was *in* my house, the postman put a letter through the door telling me to go to the sorting office in 24 hrs so I could collect whatever it was he hadn't bothered knocking the door to deliver. I dunno if it's one or both of the orders, so I trapsed down yesterday to collect it/them. Nothing was there for me. Was told man at sorting office would ring me when he'd spoken to the postman. No call.

Went back down today. They still don't know where my stuff is. Guess what? Different man at sorting office told me he'd speak to my postman to find out where he's stashed my stuff and ring me back. Guess what? NO CALL!!! Grr, again.

number 2) The Folksy Forums.
They pride themselves on being friendly and I was laughing recently as people got a bit bitchy. Was reading through them today, and it's full of stupid post by people asking whether someone likes their item. Yes, we all need feedback, that's not my issue. My issue is when they then start ANOTHER thread to ask do we all like a different item of theirs. Gawds sake, at least you could keep it on one thread!
And people having sales/closing down that feel the need to post a new thread every few hours offering increasing desperate discount. I want to yell at them that obviously no one wants to buy their stuff or they would have already, and that most people are skint. And to stop making new, pointless threads.

Sorry for that rant, real reason is cos I asked a genuine help required question on there today and it got ignored. I'm just in a huff really! ha.

Anyway, I'm gonna go for a few hours snooze before nightshift. Here's hoping I wake up in a better mood :)

Folksy Friday: Newcastle Craft Mafia

Today my Folksy Friday picks are from fellow "Newcastle Craft Mafia" members.
Check us out @

Aren't we an awesome bunch? It sure ain't grim up north!

1) Cassandra Harrison/Nicole knicker bag

2) Tara Scholes/Hummingbird Pendant

3) Yvette Hawkins/Love Lantern Small Book Sculpture

4) Victoria McDonald/Hey Birdie! t-shirt

5) Emma Louise/Charm necklace with glass marble

6) Louise Ditch/Poppy knitted bunny

7) Gemma Owens/Senor Picklesworth The Sailor!- mini cushion

8) Hannah Preece/Rainbow Button Necklace

9) Amanda Blacklock/Lumpy Bears

10) Christine White/Green and recycled woven panel

11) Joanna Sullivan/Thank you button card

12) Amy Frampton/Cake?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Site spruce up

Just spent the last wee while refreshing my website

Pop over and have a look, maybe even leave a pleasant comment on the Guest Book :)

Trip down memory lane...

I was procrastinating earlier (no idea exactly what from!) and found these old photos of my A-Level Art exhibition! WOW- that was 10 years ago!

I feel a mixture of nostalgic pride because I remember how chuffed I was at the time, how proud I felt of displaying my 2 years of graft for others to look at. But then I cringe cos I look at the work and think it looks awful! Ah well, it gave me a chuckle.

I still remember finishing off the green oil pastel background to my Rita Duffy/Matisse inspired piece just before I had to catch the plane to my Foundation Art & Design interview in Manchester. So does my mum, she went a bit mental at me for doing an all nighter. The first of many Art all nighters!

Words of Wisdom

I haven't blogged in a while, it might've been therapeutic to jot down my thoughts over the last week instead of just swirling them round in my head, but ho-hum.

Anyhow, this post is about a quote I saw shortly after my beloved Gran died.
I can't even remember where I saw it, but it stuck in my head. I like quotes at the best of times, but this seemed more of a "life moto" I decided to make a screenprint of said quote so I can look at it when I'm feeling a bit glum, to remind me of the bigger picture out there and to give me a kick up the ass!

p.s Just have to say how much I love the frame that my print's in- from Tesco would you believe?!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Folksy Friday- Top 10

Another random mix for your viewing pleasure. The only thing that these items have in common is... I want them!

1) Birdy Cushion by "edwina.simone"
2) Orange Shopper by "PIDGEONSTITCH"
3) Paisley Mug by "Laura-Kate Draws"
4) Frida Kahlo day of the dead kiltpin brooch by "Voodooville"
5) Macey Owl plushie by "DottyDaisies"
6) Urbanity 074 by "Zebedee"
7) Mushroom mini tote by "Emily Pickle"
8) Sterling Silver Star Stud Earrings by "Chris Parry- Bespoke Jeweller"
9) flared pink chicken mug by "1000degrees Art Studio"
10) Whino by "This is the audience"

My links aren't working today for some reason, so if you want to find the seller on then copy and paste their name in the search box, or use the prefix (and then add the name I've highlighted in bold)

So I went...

... to the exhibition preview, and I'm glad I did. I decided to go primarily to check I was definately included in the exhibition and they hadn't dumped my paintings in the trash!

My 3 paintings were in the main exhibition area- not hidden away in a darkened corner- I was well chuffed!

Ok, so i didn't mingle and talk to people- mainly because people were talking in groups and I didn't see anyone I recognised. But it's progress of sorts, I guess.

I must've come home all inspired, cos I cracked on and got a painting finished that was meant to be a christmas present for someone special ;) It's a Basquiat inspired, medical themed piece, with a huge dollop of craziness! (the colours are a lot brighter in RL, photo taken on iPhone camera)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

To go or not to go...?

After posting recently about the struggle of selling art online I got my finger out and contacted galleries and groups.

The Newcastle Artists Society ( welcomed me with open arms with a very lovely and positive response. This was at the weekend just past. On Monday they invited me to exhibit a few works for their upcoming exhibition at the Richard Ling Gallery in Gosforth, Necastle!

The opening preview is tonight, from 6-9pm. And I haven't decided yet whether to go or not. I should. I realise networking is an essential part of getting your name out their. But at opening previews I never know what to do. I feel I don't fit in, I'm a part time artist, and the rest of the people there are suave arty types who are emersed in the art scene 24/7. Do I go early, or late on? How long should I stay for?

What if someone asks me a question I can't answer? What if I overhear a negative comment made about one of my art pieces? What if my work looks crap and childish amongst the other pieces?

I create art because it's my passion, my therapy, my way of winding down... but that doesn't mean I have faith in it. It doesn't even mean I like it.

Maybe I should man up and face my demons? I only have a few hours to decide...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My Regular Choice

Ok, so to get over my (lack of owning my) sideboard, I've decided to instead console myself by staring at my very gorgeous new Irregular Choice shoes that my little brother bought me before he went away.

Art for my feet :)

Does anyone wanna buy my right kidney?

Ok, so I'm only being half serious- but you don't need them both, do you?!

So... what has prompted me to make such an offer?

I visited my local Ikea to purchase a picture frame, ok and a hot dog. I have long coveted their yellow TROLLSTA sideboard but never had the spare funds. I don't know what prompted me to wander into Bargain Corner on this particular trip cos I rarely do. But standing there, unmistakeable really, was this canary yellow piece of delightfully crafted fake wood!

Mistake: I wandered over. Only for me to see that there were several of them, still boxed up, HALF PRICE. Oh flaming Nora! My heart lept in delight. Then it sunk again. "Ok, so it's half price Vic, but where are you actually gonna find the £120 quid from?" my head said to me.

My mind started racing. Money is tight this month anyway on account of needing to renew both my car tax and passport. "Are these really essentials?" my heart asked me "Er, Yes", said my head. I would be in oodles of trouble at work for having an untaxed car. Passport, not so much so... but I like to think that at some point I might be whisked off my feet abroad, and not having a passport would be a mujassive spanner in the works.

Ok, what else then? I have money in my paypal account, but this is earmarked for when my mum does her skydive in June for Help For Heroes, so must not mess with that. After exhausting several other options in my head I patted the sideboard and whispered "sorry" (this may have actually happened!)

So what was it about this sideboard I liked so much? I really, really wanted it.

It made me recall a conversation I had in work when I happened to say I didn't get why people spent so much on cars. I was told it was their passion, and was asked what I like to spend my money on. The answer: art & design. Why? No idea, yeah I have an interest in it, but why? How was this sideboard going to change my life?

I can't rationalise it, but i'll try with 2 quotes:

"Design should move people to a higher level- to make all people live like Kings and Queens rather than poor suckers" (some arty-type person, I read it in a magazine)

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso.
(though by Picasso's reasoning this sideboard should never attract dust- result!)

I think in my case a happy home = a happy heart. And how happy would my home be with this little ray of literal sunshine!? Ok, I got to stop it and let go...!

Whilst I'm at it though, do you definately need both kidneys? Cos if not I quite fancy this Gypsy Chandelier from

I get knocked down...

... and I do get back up again, but it gets harder each time!

I'm talking about my efforts to sell my art. I must admit I don't put in as much effort as I perhaps should and I think this mainly stems from the fact I have a busy day & night job, so my artistic endeavours have to wait until my rest days.

I recently asked on Folksy about people's art buying habits. And I got a good response with food for thought. Shock, horror some people simply don't really see the point in art, don't appreciate it, others buy cheap shop prints to go with their decor. Some love art but just can't afford it (including me! I have a painting wishlist for if ever I come into some money)

I agree with the majority of repsondents that a lot of people would rather see art in the flesh before they buy it. Although I've bought works online and have always been pleased with the result- I think technology can capture pieces well if they don't have a lot of texture.

So I spent yesterdsay emailing galleries in the North East, basically pimping myself out! Fingers crossed that some positives come out of it, because rejection is a horrible thing, and I've had my share of this, art wise! The carefully worded replies always stress it's nothing personal, but hint at a question of taste. But it's hard to *not* take it personally when someone doesn't like what you produce...

And on that note, look at what one cheeky bugger has graded my paintings on ispyart!

Oh well! Onwards and upwards... maybe something good will come out of joining

Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's Saturday night...

... and I've staying in to do some screenprinting! I've taken my hand-drawn earphone design and created a Gocco screen, now handprinting the design onto grey, white and lime green cushions (whilst drinking rose wine!)

If you like, then I'm sure they'll soon be available on Folksy!

"le perroquet jaloux"

Voila! Here is my latest artistic offering!

Title: "le perroquet jaloux"

Medium: mixed media collage on heavyweight paper

Size: A3

Year 2010.

I like it. So much so that it's not for sale- it's going up on my bedroom wall!

Friday, 12 March 2010

T-shirt competition!

Want to win a ladies t-shirt courtesy of "papermashyeti"?

All you have to do is post below answering the question:

"What did you call to say?"

My favourite reply will be crowned the winner and will be contacted next Saturday 20th March 2010 to discuss the size and colour of the t-shirt. The t-shirt design is shown in the picture below

Tell you friends, and you may enter as many times as you like- good luck!

Unrequited Love

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."

Yes, Mr. Abraham Cowley... t'is a bugger indeed!

My First Folksy Friday- Wishlist!

I now have 2 shops on the brilliant FOLKSY, one for my (first love) art and the other to sell my miscellaneous creations

Here on my first "Folksy Friday" I have compiled a wishlist of items that I covet and desire.

I love this nostalgic enducing photograph with romantic blurry edges. It evokes a simpler life full of childish joy :)

Check it out at

A fun collage print! The owl is just too cute.

My new favourite thing in the world since I saw it this morning. Currently working out how to buy it without my bank manager phoning me and telling me off (cos waiting for my overtime next month is just too far away!)

A gorgeous little birdie who will definately be brightening up my kitchen at some point in the near future :)

Stunningly gorgeous! (and very underpriced if I may add! Though please don't put the price up before I manage to buy it!)

Simply waiting for this seller to return from holiday so that this gorgeous wristcuff can be mine mwhahaha! (I'm already the proud owner of the pink retro cassette iPhone cover)

Love it! Will look great framed in my living room... someday!