Sunday, 14 March 2010

I get knocked down...

... and I do get back up again, but it gets harder each time!

I'm talking about my efforts to sell my art. I must admit I don't put in as much effort as I perhaps should and I think this mainly stems from the fact I have a busy day & night job, so my artistic endeavours have to wait until my rest days.

I recently asked on Folksy about people's art buying habits. And I got a good response with food for thought. Shock, horror some people simply don't really see the point in art, don't appreciate it, others buy cheap shop prints to go with their decor. Some love art but just can't afford it (including me! I have a painting wishlist for if ever I come into some money)

I agree with the majority of repsondents that a lot of people would rather see art in the flesh before they buy it. Although I've bought works online and have always been pleased with the result- I think technology can capture pieces well if they don't have a lot of texture.

So I spent yesterdsay emailing galleries in the North East, basically pimping myself out! Fingers crossed that some positives come out of it, because rejection is a horrible thing, and I've had my share of this, art wise! The carefully worded replies always stress it's nothing personal, but hint at a question of taste. But it's hard to *not* take it personally when someone doesn't like what you produce...

And on that note, look at what one cheeky bugger has graded my paintings on ispyart!

Oh well! Onwards and upwards... maybe something good will come out of joining


  1. i have been having the exact same thoughts about why my stuff isn't selling that well on folksy, it's all art and prints apart from a few greetings cards. why oh why doesn't it sell as well as fabrics/textiles/jewellery?? is is all because you can just go and buy a cheapo print for a fiver from ikea? i just don't blinking know... answers on a postcard please!!

  2. But by that reasoning you can just go and buy cheap jewellery, etc in high street shops...

    I think as someone pointed out, art isn't an impulsive purchase for most people like other things are. Art is very much about personal taste so therefore people don't buy it as gifts. (oh, maybe we should do gift vouchers?!)

    Maybe people spend money on clothes and jewellery and the likes as they think they'll get the wear and VFM out of it, to show off in public in a way that art can't really compete with?

    *sighs* who knows!? Heres hoping it picks up for us :)

  3. Here's just a wee thought from someone who's never bought any art online: how's about taking some really up close detail photographs to help people imagine it to be more than a 2D image, but a thing they will hold in their hands, and mount on their wall for all to see close up or walking into their home. Most decent cameras these days have a macro setting. The tulip - god knows why! Whenever I see stuff in a galley I enjoy seeing the fine detail that proves it's an original piece with little imperfections, bumps in the paint and so on. It's also nice to see how it's framed. Basically I want to see that it's been lovingly crafted by an artist, imperfections and all.