Friday, 12 March 2010

My First Folksy Friday- Wishlist!

I now have 2 shops on the brilliant FOLKSY, one for my (first love) art and the other to sell my miscellaneous creations

Here on my first "Folksy Friday" I have compiled a wishlist of items that I covet and desire.

I love this nostalgic enducing photograph with romantic blurry edges. It evokes a simpler life full of childish joy :)

Check it out at

A fun collage print! The owl is just too cute.

My new favourite thing in the world since I saw it this morning. Currently working out how to buy it without my bank manager phoning me and telling me off (cos waiting for my overtime next month is just too far away!)

A gorgeous little birdie who will definately be brightening up my kitchen at some point in the near future :)

Stunningly gorgeous! (and very underpriced if I may add! Though please don't put the price up before I manage to buy it!)

Simply waiting for this seller to return from holiday so that this gorgeous wristcuff can be mine mwhahaha! (I'm already the proud owner of the pink retro cassette iPhone cover)

Love it! Will look great framed in my living room... someday!


  1. Lovely choices, I've just put the Slate and driftwood one on my Folksy Friday too!!

  2. Nice picks and a few new shops for me to browse...fab wristcuff!!! marice x