Thursday, 18 March 2010

To go or not to go...?

After posting recently about the struggle of selling art online I got my finger out and contacted galleries and groups.

The Newcastle Artists Society ( welcomed me with open arms with a very lovely and positive response. This was at the weekend just past. On Monday they invited me to exhibit a few works for their upcoming exhibition at the Richard Ling Gallery in Gosforth, Necastle!

The opening preview is tonight, from 6-9pm. And I haven't decided yet whether to go or not. I should. I realise networking is an essential part of getting your name out their. But at opening previews I never know what to do. I feel I don't fit in, I'm a part time artist, and the rest of the people there are suave arty types who are emersed in the art scene 24/7. Do I go early, or late on? How long should I stay for?

What if someone asks me a question I can't answer? What if I overhear a negative comment made about one of my art pieces? What if my work looks crap and childish amongst the other pieces?

I create art because it's my passion, my therapy, my way of winding down... but that doesn't mean I have faith in it. It doesn't even mean I like it.

Maybe I should man up and face my demons? I only have a few hours to decide...

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