Friday, 26 March 2010

Things making me irrate today...

number 1) Royal-bloody-Mail!
Grr. I purchased 2 things off Folksy recently. Neither has arrived. On Tuesday, whilst I was *in* my house, the postman put a letter through the door telling me to go to the sorting office in 24 hrs so I could collect whatever it was he hadn't bothered knocking the door to deliver. I dunno if it's one or both of the orders, so I trapsed down yesterday to collect it/them. Nothing was there for me. Was told man at sorting office would ring me when he'd spoken to the postman. No call.

Went back down today. They still don't know where my stuff is. Guess what? Different man at sorting office told me he'd speak to my postman to find out where he's stashed my stuff and ring me back. Guess what? NO CALL!!! Grr, again.

number 2) The Folksy Forums.
They pride themselves on being friendly and I was laughing recently as people got a bit bitchy. Was reading through them today, and it's full of stupid post by people asking whether someone likes their item. Yes, we all need feedback, that's not my issue. My issue is when they then start ANOTHER thread to ask do we all like a different item of theirs. Gawds sake, at least you could keep it on one thread!
And people having sales/closing down that feel the need to post a new thread every few hours offering increasing desperate discount. I want to yell at them that obviously no one wants to buy their stuff or they would have already, and that most people are skint. And to stop making new, pointless threads.

Sorry for that rant, real reason is cos I asked a genuine help required question on there today and it got ignored. I'm just in a huff really! ha.

Anyway, I'm gonna go for a few hours snooze before nightshift. Here's hoping I wake up in a better mood :)


  1. uhh...i hope the snooze worked :) I had the same 'being in when the postman put a 'while you were out' card through the door' experience the other day too! Though luckily my item was waiting for me when i went to collect it. Hope your's finds you soon :) x

  2. Sorry your not having a good day. Hope the post turns up soon. x

  3. Just received a voicemail from Royal Mail to say that they've found my parcel. That sounds singular, but YAY! Downside is I have to wait til Monday now- boo!