Friday, 19 March 2010

Folksy Friday- Top 10

Another random mix for your viewing pleasure. The only thing that these items have in common is... I want them!

1) Birdy Cushion by "edwina.simone"
2) Orange Shopper by "PIDGEONSTITCH"
3) Paisley Mug by "Laura-Kate Draws"
4) Frida Kahlo day of the dead kiltpin brooch by "Voodooville"
5) Macey Owl plushie by "DottyDaisies"
6) Urbanity 074 by "Zebedee"
7) Mushroom mini tote by "Emily Pickle"
8) Sterling Silver Star Stud Earrings by "Chris Parry- Bespoke Jeweller"
9) flared pink chicken mug by "1000degrees Art Studio"
10) Whino by "This is the audience"

My links aren't working today for some reason, so if you want to find the seller on then copy and paste their name in the search box, or use the prefix (and then add the name I've highlighted in bold)


  1. What an excellent reason for choosing your items! Might have to challenge you to a duel for the mug ;)

  2. Oh some stunning choices for your Folksy Friday. A fair few are on my favourite list already. I love the chicken mug and the star earrings are fab too.

  3. Whino print caught my's rather cool, i'll go check out the shop now, lovely picks - hope someone buys them all for you! fab you bought from one of my FF sellers - thanks! have a good weekend, marice x