Friday, 26 March 2010

Folksy Friday: Newcastle Craft Mafia

Today my Folksy Friday picks are from fellow "Newcastle Craft Mafia" members.
Check us out @

Aren't we an awesome bunch? It sure ain't grim up north!

1) Cassandra Harrison/Nicole knicker bag

2) Tara Scholes/Hummingbird Pendant

3) Yvette Hawkins/Love Lantern Small Book Sculpture

4) Victoria McDonald/Hey Birdie! t-shirt

5) Emma Louise/Charm necklace with glass marble

6) Louise Ditch/Poppy knitted bunny

7) Gemma Owens/Senor Picklesworth The Sailor!- mini cushion

8) Hannah Preece/Rainbow Button Necklace

9) Amanda Blacklock/Lumpy Bears

10) Christine White/Green and recycled woven panel

11) Joanna Sullivan/Thank you button card

12) Amy Frampton/Cake?


  1. What a talented lot your are, must be lovely to have all those crafters for support...i'm too far away from anyone, up in inverness...liking the mouse picture and the birdie t-shirt :0)

  2. Blimey all those talented people in one area - fantasic. Lovely range of crafts too.

  3. Excellent post! I love it, thanks for including my lantern sculpture!