Sunday, 14 March 2010

Does anyone wanna buy my right kidney?

Ok, so I'm only being half serious- but you don't need them both, do you?!

So... what has prompted me to make such an offer?

I visited my local Ikea to purchase a picture frame, ok and a hot dog. I have long coveted their yellow TROLLSTA sideboard but never had the spare funds. I don't know what prompted me to wander into Bargain Corner on this particular trip cos I rarely do. But standing there, unmistakeable really, was this canary yellow piece of delightfully crafted fake wood!

Mistake: I wandered over. Only for me to see that there were several of them, still boxed up, HALF PRICE. Oh flaming Nora! My heart lept in delight. Then it sunk again. "Ok, so it's half price Vic, but where are you actually gonna find the £120 quid from?" my head said to me.

My mind started racing. Money is tight this month anyway on account of needing to renew both my car tax and passport. "Are these really essentials?" my heart asked me "Er, Yes", said my head. I would be in oodles of trouble at work for having an untaxed car. Passport, not so much so... but I like to think that at some point I might be whisked off my feet abroad, and not having a passport would be a mujassive spanner in the works.

Ok, what else then? I have money in my paypal account, but this is earmarked for when my mum does her skydive in June for Help For Heroes, so must not mess with that. After exhausting several other options in my head I patted the sideboard and whispered "sorry" (this may have actually happened!)

So what was it about this sideboard I liked so much? I really, really wanted it.

It made me recall a conversation I had in work when I happened to say I didn't get why people spent so much on cars. I was told it was their passion, and was asked what I like to spend my money on. The answer: art & design. Why? No idea, yeah I have an interest in it, but why? How was this sideboard going to change my life?

I can't rationalise it, but i'll try with 2 quotes:

"Design should move people to a higher level- to make all people live like Kings and Queens rather than poor suckers" (some arty-type person, I read it in a magazine)

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso.
(though by Picasso's reasoning this sideboard should never attract dust- result!)

I think in my case a happy home = a happy heart. And how happy would my home be with this little ray of literal sunshine!? Ok, I got to stop it and let go...!

Whilst I'm at it though, do you definately need both kidneys? Cos if not I quite fancy this Gypsy Chandelier from

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