Friday, 12 March 2010

T-shirt competition!

Want to win a ladies t-shirt courtesy of "papermashyeti"?

All you have to do is post below answering the question:

"What did you call to say?"

My favourite reply will be crowned the winner and will be contacted next Saturday 20th March 2010 to discuss the size and colour of the t-shirt. The t-shirt design is shown in the picture below

Tell you friends, and you may enter as many times as you like- good luck!


  1. I've doubled your followers and no one else can do that!!

  2. haha! Technically though, the 4th follower can also? And the 8th, etc... Vic ;P

  3. I just called to say I love you.

    Which is the well known hit by stevie Wonder.

  4. i just called to say...put the kettle on love - i fancy a cuppa!

  5. Ha, see no they can't not really cos they haven't done it on their own. No 8 can't double without No 5,6 & 7's help!!

    Thanks for the follow x

  6. "you know that lovely t-shirt you're giving away?! Can I have it please"
    That's what I called to say! / Jane x

  7. I do love a bit of straight talking! Vic

  8. I just called to say...
    "I'm feeling sick, snot greeny-grey, and won't be coming to work today!"

    It ryhmes! Now gimme that ladies tee shirt!!

  9. No! It'd be way too tight on you Mister!

    Like when Ross in Friends puts on the "Franke Says Relax" t-shirt mwhahaha. Actually, I wanna see it!

  10. I just called to say........ 'Lets talk about you today, not about me. A good friend is someone who listens once in a while :)'

  11. I just called to say.......oh blimey! I can't remember what it was



  12. "I just called to say.... I really miss you and I wish we were still friends"

    Anna @ Evie George x

  13. I just called to ask if you or a member of your household has had an accident that was not their fault in the past three years....

    bloomin telemarketers!

  14. And the winner is....

    Anna @ Evie George :)

    Simply because it struck a chord... After seeing photos on FB I had been reminiscing about an old friend and wondering why we'd lost contact, why I didn't make the effort to stay in touch... I can't answer this. And I guess I only have myself to blame.

    Anyhoo, well done Anna! I'll contact you shortly about styles and colours x

  15. wow- its weird I won for that reason as that is exactly what happened to me. That new facebook gadget on the right hand side showed up one of my bestest, bestest friends from school and we haven't spoken for years. I sent her a message after I wrote that comment above and we're meeting up next week!!!

    I think I might wear my new T-shirt for good luck, thank you for picking me x