Monday, 31 May 2010

Win a "Stereo" cushion cover!

In order to win a gocco printed "Stereo" cushion cover (in your choice of lime green, grey or white) all you need to do is reply with the worst record you have in your collection-the cheesier the better... Go on, make me giggle!

All names of those who reply will be put into a hat & the winner drawn on the evening of Monday 7th June 2010

the cushions can be found at


  1. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I think mine has to be Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. *blush*

  2. Sad to say it was one of the first records I ever bought; Babylon Zoo - Spaceman *hides in shame*. Must have been an impulse purchase :S

    Love the grey cushion btw, xXx

  3. Cliff Richard...mistletoe & wine, got it in my stocking the same year i got my mini hi-fi, couldnt bring myself to tell my mum i hated it, so ive still got it! :/
    loving the grey cushion too xx

  4. Erm.... Not sure I want to be admitting to these...

    A Republica album (also called Republica)
    Girls aloud - The sound of the underground
    A copy of "Now 56" - because it has a copy of TATU's "All the things she said" on it :/

    I also own an Alphabeat album. What makes that dreadful is that I bought it at an Alphabeat gig - which to be fair wouldn't have been a bad musical experience had I not been twice the age of the rest of the audience. Meh.

  5. Fantstic give-away!

    OK! Here we go! Building up the courage to say ... 'Relax' by Frankie goes to Hollywood.

    I think it was a protest buy as it was banned by both the BBC and my parents!

    Also had 'Ant Music' by Adam Ant! Sad or what!

    Natalie x

  6. Natalie...take that back!
    Adam Ant is brilliant

    i LOVE him :P

  7. My first record was Tiffany, I think we're alone now. I didn't get much better as I went on to buy Bananarama later!!

    I thought Adam and the Ants were cool too, didn't they have a show on a Saturday night?

  8. I can't believe I've got an East17 cd sitting on my shelf - what was I thinking! Tried to get rid of it at a carboot - no takers :(

    Natalie - I still love Adam Ant stuff - me & OH sat and watched a bunch of Ant stuff on You Tube the other night :)

    In my house I have the shabbiest set of cushions ever - one of yours would be very welcome, they're all great but green is my fave. Cool giveway BTW!

  9. Oh my goodness, cringe, deep breath... B*Witched's second album, Awake and Breathe :S !!

  10. The first record I bought when I was 12 was 'Do the Bartman' by Bart Simpson, hehehe x

  11. I do have a wombles record does that count?

  12. No way! The first ever music related purchase I made was also B*Witched and it was one of their xmas singles - unfortunately the name escapes me!

  13. what a great giveaway, i love the cushions.

    The strangest record i own is "going to the zoo" by julie felix(on vinyl).

  14. Oh boy I want this cushion.

    My worst is probably "Love's Got a Hold on My Heart" by Steps. I got the album and gave up with Steps not too long after to enter a rock and metal stage. So I have quite a few Korn albums I'm quite embarrassed of lurking somewhere too .... lol! :)

    MJ x

  15. The first album anyone ever bought me (when I was very little) was the soundtrack to the film 'Flash Gordon' *cringe!*

    The most embarrassing one I own now has to be 'Culture Club - Greatest Hits' which someone else bought me and I had to pretend I liked it!

    Great giveaway, I love the grey and green cushions best :)

  16. My *cool* friends would mock me for owning both the Glee soundtracks - but I am not ashamed! I love the cushions!

  17. Oh that cushion is gorgeous x

    Right my cheesiest record in my record collection is probably the first one I ever owned and that was Silver Lady by David Soul!

  18. I think the saddest music I ever bought was by 'Enya' on seems to have gone missing fortunately! : )

  19. My worst would have to be "take a chicken by the throat, stick a something up your nose" do you remember it?? I cant remember it properly but the bloody tune is in my head now.. Its the aga do tune... thanx for that lol....... I really love your cushions

    love and hugs DonnaMarie XX

  20. DonnaMarie - I think that was the Chicken Song (Spitting Image) it was no 1 for a few weeks in the 80's! We used to have it in a compilation of really bad stuff on the computer at work that we'd play everytime my old boss was showing somebody round. We replaced all his CDs with copies of it at his house warming too :)

    I'm loving some of these answers!

  21. Well I think the first ever album I bought was the worst, it was Big Fun on tape..I had a big crush on Mark Gillespie... :s

  22. Thanks for the great response!

    I have just put everyone's names in a hat (well actually it was technically a bag) and pulled one lucky winner's name out...

    The cushion goes to... BECCA EASTLAND!

    Well done, and thanks again to everyone

    Vic xx

  23. its me i never win anything yey that makes me so happy thankyou!