Thursday, 24 June 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

All members of have been asked to write a piece about their 5 favourite things for the blog... others have chosen 6, so i have too!

1) "Arting"
This is the collective name I give to all my artisitc endeavours! Although my first love is painting, I also like to dabble and experiment in other things such as jewellery, screenprinting t-shirts and my recent addiction of candle making (the experimentation is going well- I hope to be able to sell my efforts once I get sorted with a bit more practice and insurance, etc)
I have a stressful and hardworking shift job, and Arting is my way of unwinding, relaxing, de-stressing.
I view art as not only a passion and my own form of therapy, but also a way of life. I think it all started when I won a painting competition aged 5, then took a knock when my I was aged 9 and got a "C" in art from my teacher (I cried!) and then recovered aged 14 when I received praise from another teacher!
I love nothing better than cranking up my music and throwing paint about- much to the detriment of my dining room carpet! The dream is to one day have my own studio. A pipe dream perhaps!

2) The Internet

I know the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, and I certainly didn't have it as a child, but I can't imagine life without it. What did the world do before Google?! I love how the internet is so easily accessible and allows you access to things that you can't experience in real life. I love finding a new art or design blog or site. The internet is a great source of inspiration aswell. Although not a great subsitute for seeing products in real life, I love how it can diversify your market base and allow you to sell what you have created to anyone, anywhere in the world.

3) Irregular Choice
I was never a huge shoe fan until I discovered this brand! I love the kookiness & eccentricity of their products and their fantastic website. Although I only have 5 pairs of IC shoes, I always lovingly look at them in the shop and plan my next purchase. My favourite pair are the ones that my brother bought me just before he headed off to Afghanistan.

4) Food & Drink!
A necessity to survive, but also a total indulgence! A self-confessed but proud chocoholic, I have an incredibly sweet tooth!
My fave chocolates are Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne truffles :) I also love chocolate crepes, cake, rare steak and chips with pepper sauce or garlic butter, chicken fried rice with chips and curry sauce and chicken tikka masala with naan bread! Hmmm, I am a bit of a junk food junkie and worry that one day it'll catch up with me and I'll wake up the size of a house.
I also have a penchant for North American products Lucky Charms, Jolly Ranchers and Mountain Dew
I developed a coca-cola addiction when I quit smoking and usually have at least a can a day (not good on the old teeth!) but I also love M&S Brut Cava, Veuve Clicqout and my favourite cocktail is a Bellini. Food is something I never deny myself, and regularily treat myself to- this is where all my money goes!

5) Thinking time
Time out is always good, and my 2 favourite places for thinking are when enjoying a Lush creamy candy bar bath with a glass of vino, or when travelling. I always keep a notebook and pen with me to jot down ideas that pop into my head. I love when you have a new idea- there's a buzz about it and you just can't wait to get started. I hate it though when you think you have a great, unique idea... then pop it into google to check- and someone else is already doing it! Frustrating.

6) A good iTunes shuffle!
I love music. My iTunes album contains so much variation, from classical to cheesy pop, alternative, rock, R&B and loads more. I love putting the iTunes shuffle on and leaving it to chance! It throws up some classic songs, and some not so- it's all part of the fun! I don't really have a favourite band or song, and I never really go to gigs. It all depends on my mood- but I love lyrics, when a song speaks to you. It's almost poetic.

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